World Archery Awards

As part of the development of Archery, World Archery has a number of awards that Archers can earn. These awards are to further assist Archers with their development. After successful completion of their Introduction to Archery course there are 7 awards which can be earned progressively by Archers – these awards are divided up into two feather awards (WA Red Feather, followed by WA Gold Feather) for the younger Archers:





and 5 arrow awards (White Arrow, Black Arrow, Blue Arrow, Red Arrow and Gold Arrow).









The objective of the awards is to help archers to develop their general shooting skills, knowledge of the sport and performance levels and all in a structured and fun way. This is an award system that is in use across many countries across the world. For each of the awards the archer is assessed by qualified coaches under the following 3 headings:

  • Score
  • Skills development
  • Knowledge and know-how

The awards are World Archery pins (see above) which can be worn with pride on the Archers quiver. Rebel County Archery Club will be running these award programs for any Archer that is interested in this great method of progression. Contact any of the club coaches for further details.

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