Decut Rugbii Tabs

OK. Let’s talk equipment. We can get on to advanced equipment later but to start off with I’m going to go through beginners equipment and what is it you need to get started in archery.

My club, Rebel County Archery Club have just got a consignment in of beginners equipment. It includes 12 Rolan bows that we bought through Keith in ASI.  I will post more on the bows once I have had chance to try them out with our beginners course that’s starting soon in Cobh.

The first thing that I’d like to talk about is the Decut Rugbii Finger tabs. I am just amazed at the quality of these tabs. I remember learning on an old A&F shelf tab. I was always a fan of theirs as they had a good big shelf to help beginners get the correct feeling of where the string should anchor. But these ones are a class apart. They have a good solid feel to them and the leather is of excellent quality for the price. Bearing in mind that we bought in bulk, these tabs come out under €10 each and are available in sizes extra large to small. The shelf is slightly smaller than the A&F shelf but it fits securely and is easy to adjust. The finger strap and finger separator are comfortable and there is a pinky rest for those who like to use them. The aluminium is well finished and comes in a range of very nice colours. These tabs are not for everyone and an experienced archer may well look for something heavier or with a better quality leather. As far as beginners and improvers are concerned this tab more that meets all their needs and I can recommend that they give this excellent budget tab serious consideration. I will be moving on to arm guards next which I fear won’t have quite as positive a review as the tabs.

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Happy Shooting, >>>———->Jason

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