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Why would we need an unbiased review blog? Could the archery industry not just sponsor people to tell us how good their product is?

Yes it’s a bit tounge in cheek, but if you think about it that kind of is the way we get most of our information on all that gear we love. Unfortunately the way archery pays for itself these days is primarily through sponsorship and that creates a problem.

So how can we be sure that what we are being told is accurate? Are they recommending a product because somebody is giving them a free bow or 10% off their bowstring?

Lets see who’s got the most “pro-staff” deals?

Personally I’ve always avoided seeking sponsorship. Its seemed to me to be better for my game if I concentrated on perfecting my
form and shooting the equipment that I had come to know and trust rather than shooting something new every year. Of course for the elite archers of the world (which I don’t class myself to be among) it is necessary for them to pay their way as professional archers and I don’t dispute that the equipment that they promote works. They would not shoot it if it didn’t. Are their reviews unbiased? I’m not sure. I wonder how objective they can be given they rely on their sponsors to pay their way. As I worked a job, getting a few Euro off the price of my equipment wasn’t worth the effort it took to play the “staff shooter” game. It was always better received if I was asked for advice that I could make unbiased recommendations based on my own experience. And that is what you can expect here. Pure unbiased reviews based on my own experience and the experience of my trusted friends.

What would you like a review of?

If you would like a product reviewed here tell us what it is and if I can get access to it  I will post a review. Of course if you want to send us a product get in contact to find out how to go about doing that. I don’t accept payments to review any product sent to me in order to maintain my impartiality. All I can offer is my word that I will call it as it is.

How impartial are you?

I will always look for the positives in a product- but I won’t shirk from the negatives. I will promise to give my full and honest opinion and that may not always be welcomed by some. However, if I write a negative review or even a review that has some negative points I will always give the manufacturer a right of reply. Perhaps the batch I received was a known bad batch or I was using their product wrong. Please use the form below if you feel I have been unfair in a review. If you make your case well I will amend the article and we can all learn a little.

So, I’m going to be regularly blogging here on equipment and various aspects of archery like form and practice and coaching. If you want to read some of my reviews they are located here. You are welcome to comment on them. There’s a contact form below if you want to let me know if you found the reviews helpful.  –    Happy shooting  >>>——–>   Jason.

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